About Us


The company has been founded in UK and its branches are widespread in USA and INDIA. SUVIH is one of the fastest growing MEP Designing & BIM consulting Services provider companies in the global development space. Our company has the deep level understanding of Global and Local markets. SUVIH has implemented MEP designing & BIM solutions, provided support & Advised to many clients across the globe.


SUVIH is a pioneer in establishing MEP Design & BIM Services and the company is based in the UK. There are branches in USA and INDIA that have been serving nationwide clients for their business needs. Our company is efficient in offering the essential and brightest technology talent to various national clients ranging from small to large. We have been doing and satisfying our customers through, extraordinary consultant support and we strive to maintain longstanding client relationships. We always strive in order to develop strategies that implement solutions. The solutions are designed for achieving success to everyone involved in our business.


SUVIH Engineering Services is an MEP Designing & BIM services company that offers a wide range of MEP designing & BIM services. Few services like –

We are eminent in providing peerless services to enable companies / Builders/ Owners achieve ROI on their investments. We strive in picking the best talents and service for the long term just – in – time needs of our clients. Our company continuously evolves and changes the models depending on the Industry and Economic trends. For us, customer satisfaction is the highest priority.


We strive and dedicate our time to customer success and satisfaction. Our success has been propelling our growth and has helped us in building strongly committed relation with our clients. Our clients are widespread throughout the globe and we are committed to delivering value for our clients and helping them attain success in the constantly changing and challenging world. We strongly believe in values that our company hold in understanding that our success is dependent on customer satisfaction.