Technology to capture the “built building” with laser application and laser scanning has become an integral part of the building, architectural, or HVAC industry. It provides an easy way to scan any area, no matter how small or large, more efficiently, accurately, and quickly. At Suvih, we are experts at providing “Scan to BIM Services,” which can develop the most accurate as-is or built models or BIM Modeling services for other purposes such as refurbishment, renovation, or retrofit.

If you are looking for Scan to BIM services at the most affordable rates, you can undoubtedly count on us. Whether you are looking for BIM models for renovation purposes or any other purpose, you can find us working for you as required. We will draw 3D models using our scanning technology, which will save your time and costs. With improved “scanning and conversion to BIM,” your model would provide all details you would look for to carry on with your renovation or retrofit related tasks (This way, you do not have to visit the site as frequently as you used to).

At Suvih, we used the latest technology to scan and then convert the scanned data into BIM Models. We visit the site, take a full survey, analyze the structure and then implement our laser scanning process through advanced scanners. We install scanners at the most suitable places where we can get the best accurate scans. We proceed to convert the data into BIM Models using the latest software technology with the data being developed.

The 3D BIM Model we deliver will have all the necessary information concerning the condition, construction materials, costs, etc.

To get cost-effective and reliable Scan to BIM services, talk to one of our BIM specialists today.