Plumbing Design

Suvih’s plumbing design team furnishes a highly detailed and reliable plumbing system designs that will meet your long-term goals. Our experts provide cost-effective solutions and plumbing services to worldwide clients.


  • Cold water demand calculation.
  • Water services design.
  • Cold & hot water pipe sizing calculation.
  • Building internal sanitary piping system.
  • Building external sanitary piping system.
  • Basement drainage system.
  • Drainage discharge, pipe sizing & slope calculation.
  • Manhole/Inspection chamber sizing.
  • Water treatment.
  • Water storage sizing.
  • Pressure drop calculation & pump sizing/selection.
  • Plant room layout.
  • Storm water drainage system.
  • Waste water treatment, sewage treatment plans & recycling.
  • Laboratory waste collection and treatment.
  • Laboratory gas distribution.
  • Bill of Quantity and Materials.