BIM MEP Modeling

Our BIM – MEP Services are –

Suvih’s  BIM companies in India, Each design is formulated with all due importance to efficiency, comfort, and energy savings. We always adhere to the deadline and deliver the project well within the stipulated time.


At Suvih, we provide HVAC Design and BIM Modelling Services for builders, architects, contractors, and suppliers for commercial and residential purposes. Our certified, experienced and trained HVAC specialists will develop the best design for all your HVAC needs, entirely in compliance with all engineering standards.

Why rely on us?

  • Make use of the latest avant-garde technology for all HVAC Design and MEP BIM services.
  • Detailed designs entirely by what the client requires
  • Provide customized HVAC layout as required
  • Develop HVAC Designs making use of AutoCAD, Revit, Carrier-HAP
  • Customized designs / deliver high-quality results.

We have always been at the forefront in providing cost-effective, efficient, and reliable plumbing design and MEP BIM services for all residential, commercial, clean rooms, etc. We are smartly proficient at using Revit, Navisworks, and other software technologies to design and Model all plumbing solutions for our customers. You can undoubtedly count on us for all commercial and residential plumbing design and Modelling services.

 We always take a distinctive approach to design and BIM Modelling Services, ensure that the client’s requirements are entirely met, and the clients gain higher ROI.

 We deliver more cost-effective, efficient and reliable, and scalable electrical design and Modelling services.

As India’s leading firm with unmatched expertise in electrical design and MEP BIM services, we offer our clients a way to receive a higher return by designing and drafting a solution that fulfils their needs more effectively.

 Our forte lies in designing and Modelling all aspects of world-class electrical systems, including but not just limited to

  • Creating light fixture layout (with due focus on emergency, critical, standard, and life safety principles)
  • Power distribution/lighting distribution panel design
  • Interior electrical design / Electrical wiring design
  • Design patterns for equipment’s / machinery
  • Emergency and life safety panel design

 Adept at single-line drafts/diagrams, electrical schematics, panel and switch room layouts, panel specifications, component selection, cable schedules, cable sizing, support design, layout drawings, termination diagrams, PLC instrumentation, and drafting, etc. 

Our company makes sure to implement BIM firefighting to all the models and designs that involve fire protection engineers. This kind of service is essential as firefighting plays a significant role in emergencies. Therefore, we ensure all the criteria are met concerning the BIM firefighting before the design is completed. Implementing firefighting can enable the drawings to be elevated to the proper height. It is quite applicable for commercial and official buildings that need fire protection. Therefore we adopt the existing technological tools to suit new working ways. This way of BIM firefighting can be workable and has specialized software tools to design the model and prepare printouts for our worldwide clients. The software used can be referenced using two-dimensional drawings that can permit BIM integration. This way, we can save time and improve the work’s efficiency.